Indie Business Class

For those who know me, well you know I’ve had an couture wedding invitation business for sometime now. I have to admit I didn’t invest much time into it. Customers came from wedding coordinators and I left it at that. But, the past year I’ve been thinking about focusing my energy and getting the business up and running. I decided to take a class being hosted by a few ladies that own indie businesses.  The class just started last week. We’ve gone through their stories and now are just beginning to get into the down and dirty of things. This and combined with my brother’s wedding, well it makes me “gaga” for weddings all over again. I’m sketching again, coming up with ideas and I’m just inspired.

I’m excited for 2010 and the outlook ahead.


The Impossible Project

When Polaroid decided to discontinue it’s SX70 (time zero) film in 2008 I was devastated. But, there was hope with the Impossible Project.  I’ve been tracking the progress and the buzz since I spotted the detail in an old Polaroid group I’m in.  Now the time draws near!! Being released 2/22/10. I hope it’s a yes. I can’t wait to get back to playing with film!!

My camera awaits!!!!

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Weekend Musings


I’ve been spending a lot of time working on crafts and I even did one art piece (the one above).  I’m not sure what happened, but crafts were stressful for awhile. Can you believe that? I’m not sure why  but they no longer were a way for me to relax. So, I continue to jump in, jump out and take long breaks and eventually come back. I guess in general that is what a hobby is for. To come and go and do as you please, without the pressure of commitment.  The last few months I’ve turned back to my hobbies. And boy do I have many.  I love reading, writing, crocheting, scrapbooking, photography… and so much more. I really have a lot of hobbies.  Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of crochet projects. I finished a wrap this evening for my grandmother. I have to block it, then add button and it will be complete. I have three requests in for 2 scarves and a shawl.  Crocheting has become the best thing to do while watching tv. So, rather then just mindlessly watching a show, I’m feeling a little productive and creating some pieces.

I also have been scrapbooking lately.  I met a friend while in school. She was actually my teacher. We found that we had scrapbooking in common. I think we have gone scrapbooking every month since October. We missed January, but I still scrapped. It’s been nice,  I’m motivated to get some pages done and hopefully complete an album.

So, tonight I’m in a scrapbooking mood. I was looking for motivation online and ran into this article about Sasha Holloway over at Lotus Paperie. She happens to be the guest designer. I first learned of Sasha over at Scrap In Style TV. I’ve been a fan of her work ever since. She’s got a unique style and I love that I’m back wanting to scrapbook and the first challenge I’m inspired to do is a layout challenge she was a part of, Challenge 162.

The one thing I have noticed about going back to scrapbooking and working on the art piece is that I no longer know what to do. I feel clumsy, unsure of what I want and how to express it. I have made several layouts but they all feel incomplete.  Can it be Saved? is a prime example of me feeling unsure of what I’m doing. I couldn’t even journal any detail.  I’ll be redoing that page, because I’m just not feeling it. The groove has left the building. I’m hoping to get it back 😉

My First JPG Submission

With JPG Magazine back up and running, I decided that this revival means that I should actively participate in this new community.  I did love it and enjoyed it from when it first came out, but I never participated. Mainly because of my own insecurities. But seriously how can I learn and grow without putting myself out there to be criticized? So, here it is, my first JPG submission…

Living Room

Living Room

Right now there hasn’t been too many views, just 17 and only a few people have voted for it. It’s a start though!! I’m excited 🙂

If you think it’s good enough to be published in the next issue of JPG, please vote for me.

Open Market at One Colorado In Pasadena

A great event with an opportunity to purchase some art from a talented group of students, alumni, faculty and staff. All participants belong to the Art Center College of Design and Pasadena City College.

Date: May 3, 2009

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Art and Design Open Market is free to public.

More details:  One Colorado Open Market Art & Design