A Week In My Life?

I’m sitting here contemplating what 2011 will bring. Or rather what I will do creatively for 2011.  I took up the challenge to blog at least once a week  in hopes that regular weekly posts will turn into a post a day. But, I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Then my friend, Bucket, posted this Project Life 2011, it’s a kit by Becky Higgins. I think it’s a great little project that will get me back to starting to work on things creatively.  I started hunting for ideas and found some great links.  A few years ago a guy posted a photo a day of himself and that just turned into some crazy craze. Just about everyone did a 365 project. And there were those who did 52 weeks.  So, there are a lot of great ideas out there.

Here are a few of my favorites 🙂

Ali Edwards has a Week in the Life of…. I really like this idea and it’s sounds less stressful than 365.  I might actually try and do a week in a life for me kids.

Photo Friday, you can turn this challenge blog into a 52 weeks of photo challenges.

Sunday Scribbles is another challenge blog of creative writing. Or you can use the prompts as journaling for that week.

Doing something creative everyday can be so rewarding and fulfilling. It can also be a great outlet to reduce stress. It’s  something that goes in and out of my life. I need to find that balance and keep it there.



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