Indie Business Class

For those who know me, well you know I’ve had an couture wedding invitation business for sometime now. I have to admit I didn’t invest much time into it. Customers came from wedding coordinators and I left it at that. But, the past year I’ve been thinking about focusing my energy and getting the business up and running. I decided to take a class being hosted by a few ladies that own indie businesses.  The class just started last week. We’ve gone through their stories and now are just beginning to get into the down and dirty of things. This and combined with my brother’s wedding, well it makes me “gaga” for weddings all over again. I’m sketching again, coming up with ideas and I’m just inspired.

I’m excited for 2010 and the outlook ahead.


3 responses to “Indie Business Class”

  1. megan v says :

    I’m taking the class too and am so excited to get started. It’s already turning out to be better than I’d expected it to be!!! Cya in class 🙂

  2. rachel! says :

    mm, i’m taking that class too! i’m excited to see how your business will grow!! this class will be GREAT!

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