Scribbles #152 Lost

It’s the year 2009. Life seems to have slipped through time faster as each year goes by. I live it day to day. Working, being responsible and being who I’ve grown up to be. 

Today no different than any other, I started it with a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks. I sat down at the table near the window just to catch a little bit of life before it slipped through time again.  I looked out through the glass to see the world moving at its pace.  Then in the window I caught a glimpse of myself. The reflection in my eyes I saw my youth and remembered other days that I had sat at coffee houses watching others pass by.  Then memories flashed of other times that had slipped of me. It’s who I was before this day. It was a time before I grew up to be me. So, I thought. I stared back at myself and wondered is this me? Who I have grown up to be? I wake up and do the things I’m suppose to do. I live as I ought to. And my life I thought was fulfilled. But, why when I look back at myself am I unfamiliar? 

“Pardon me, is this chair taken?” a man asks pulling me away from my memories and thoughts. No, I say, please take it. My time here has elasped it’s now back to work, to live this day as every day, being responsible, who’ve I’ve grown up to be. And as I stand to leave this place, I catch myself staring back at me and wondered, is this me?


11 responses to “Scribbles #152 Lost”

  1. Megha says :

    hmm…ya…few years down the line we would admire us of today

  2. Lilibeth says :

    Well done. You’ve done a good job of describing a feeling we all have…a painful confusion at the passage of time and who we were and why…

  3. Marguerite says :

    Time does pass so quickly, and as we become caught up in doing all the “right” things, it is easy to lose sight of who we really are. Well written and thought provoking.

  4. b says :

    Amen…my hair is not even my own. How did that happen?


  5. Ann (bunnygirl) says :

    We live in a world where it’s very hard to know who we are for all the yammering and advertising, designed to make us be someone else. I think we also go in circles with our sense of self. Our lives and situations change and so do we, but sometimes the process is hard and we have those moments you describe where we wonder who our authentic self is.

  6. Penny says :

    I am 21 and I struggle with this. I am trying so hard to be the person I want, but I have to admit that I don’t know who that is.

  7. floreta says :

    it’s hard to know who ‘me’ really is. but i think it is beyond ego.

  8. Fledgling Poet says :

    I can so relate to your words…time passes so quickly and there are definitely times I look in the mirror and wonder who this person is.

  9. lucy says :

    i so feel this way , often lately.
    you really moved me by how well you expressed this feeling

  10. Granny Smith says :

    Time goes by faster and faster as one grows older. Grab each fleeting moment and rejoice in it! And enjoy your cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

  11. anthonynorth says :

    A deeply felt, well written piece. We all feel like that at times.

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