Art Journal, The Journey Begins

Years ago I found myself starting a blog. It was a litle bit uncomfortable. Infact I wondered why I even started. I could never see myself adapting to using a keyboard to express myself. I always thought that the pen would always be the most comforting thing in my hand. It was a straight connection of emotions that spilled out onto a page through my body.  Then again this was years ago. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of expressing myself with a keyboard.  I often find myself staring at a blank screen. Not really because I have nothing to write, but because it’s still a little difficult to translate what I feel in this manner. But, yet I’m so far removed from writing with a pen that I find myself frozen in the same state of immobility when looking at a blank journal. 

Let me tell you a bit about myself. As flowing as art is, my personality is not as flowing as I’d like it to be. I find myself stuck in an overanalysis about the project I’m starting. I’m stuck in a repeat loop of my thoughts questioning, wondering and trying to understand the point of what I’m doing. There never really is a quiet moment when I’m not contemplating the what, why and how of an art project.  I imagine ‘true’ artists to be one who just whip out their tools and materials then, with a frenzy dive into their work with this uninhibited creative energy. I’ve had times like these, but they’re less frequent than I’d like. My perspective happens to be an over critical self who has absolutely no confidence.

Back to the blank journal… Stuck in the clean silence of a new piece of canvas, I trap myself in senseless thought. Now this could very well be my artistic process. Who knows. Unfortunately, I only know myself. I have no idea if others go through this sort of thing. But, I’d like to learn how to let my creative energy flow.  How to understand my process of creative focus without judgement. I start with a blank journal and this begins of the Journey to finding my inner creativity.

Join me? Find yourself a blank journal.

Why create an art journal? I leave you with this….


One response to “Art Journal, The Journey Begins”

  1. trish says :

    Have fun with your art journal, I can’t wait to see it:)
    thanks for the comment on my page, I really appreciate it!

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