It’s Been a Long Week

My grandfather passed away 7 days ago, last Saturday to be exact. I can’t say that it was unexpected, he was 86. But, no matter what I don’t think you can prepare for death even when you know it’s coming.

The night before, Friday I had taken the day off due to a doctors appointment. I spent most of my time there. After my husband took me to Freestyle. A photography store I use to get supplies. It had been close to 10 years since I stepped in here. The last time was for a wedding I shot back in 1998. I was searching for other toy cameras I could use for World Toy Camera Day.  When I came home I actually sat down and wrote a long blog entry about my passion for photography. I didn’t post it, instead I hit save and went upstairs and pulled out my Pentax ME Super.  I wanted to reminise and hold my camera.

Pentax image taken from Camerapeida

Pentax image taken from Camerapeida

I have had this camera since I started taking photographs, back in 1987. My husband knows my love of photography. But, I had never explained how it started. So, I told him how my grandfather gave it to me along with 3 other lenses. It was for a photography class. From the moment he handed me the camera I fell in love with the art. Every year I took a photography class all the way through college and even after. When I no longer had access to a darkroom, I worked on other photography art forms like SX70 Time Zero Manipulation, Emulsion Lifts and Transfers. Photography has and will always be in my life because my grandfather gave me a camera and said create.

The next day I found out he passed away. I never posted the blog entry. I probably won’t. I ended up burning my hand that day too. I guess I was still in shock and I wasn’t paying much attention to what I was doing.

His funeral was Wednesday. I said a eulogy for him. In it I let everyone know how I will always have my grandfather in my life through my art, because he was my inspiration.

Right now I’m up north with my parents, uncles, aunt and cousins. Today is the first day I’ve had an opportunity to look at the computer longer than a half hour.  I miss my husband, my children. I can’t wait to be home with them.


4 responses to “It’s Been a Long Week”

  1. Ann(i)e says :

    so very sorry for your loss….sending you lots of hugs!!

  2. Amy says :

    so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. i always think of my grandfather when i sit down at my piano. he gave me the gift of music much life yours did art.

  3. Sasha says :

    Sorry for the lost of your grandfather, I lost my grandmama a few months ago and it is still hard for me. I will keep you in my prayers. I love that camera .. love it ..

    stay safe and sweet


  4. angie says :

    i am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. how wonderful that you shared the love of photography:) angie

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