Zetti ATC’s

Where have I been lately? Well, I’ve been working on some art. This week I finished a Zetti ATC. I learned that not all flower embellishments like glue, so I sewed the sucker on there. I think it turned out nicely. In fact, I had to make one for myself. And in that process I made two more. One with the same color theme, pink and another with a blue theme. Being that they were created a few days in between, they still look very similar to the original. I hope Angiie likes it.

Zetti PInk ATC

Zetti PInk ATC

Zetti Blue ATC

Zetti Blue ATC

Also if you’re up for a trade. I’m looking for another ATC, Zetti style please. But I’m up for a barter. 🙂 Please contact me on one of the groups I’m in with you.

What else did I do. Oh I made about 3 journal pages and the Day of the Dead Skinny Pages swap. And right now I’m way to lazy to upload them online.. ha I’m waiting for the Day of the Deads to dry… I’ll upload those tomorrow before I send out 🙂

And for tomorrow? Another day for art  playing and shopping.

Oh and Bucket… I’ve started painting my coffin…


2 responses to “Zetti ATC’s”

  1. Karen says :

    Love these! Great job and thank you for sharing.


    Glad you liked them, thanks for visiting!!

  2. Janine Wahl says :

    Those cards are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks you for visiting!

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