Zetti Stamps Arrived & Creative Type Prompt #3

Actually they came last week. But, I finally had an opportunity to use them. The Prompt #3 at the Creative Type this week was to focus on a quote. I don’t think I followed the challenge correctly as it’s not really focused on type, so I’m not sharing my link on their site.Ā  Not cause I don’t love their challenges…. when I created it, type didn’t come as a focus for me. I added it to the challenge šŸ™‚ See what Zetti’s do to you?

Anyways… with the opportunity of a challenge I used the my pretty little zetti’s.

This is the LO:

Quote LO for Creative Type Prompt #3

Quote LO for Creative Type Prompt #3

Ā A close up of the wordings details in their little journal plates.

Journal Plate Stamps by Altered Paper Press

Journal Plate Stamps by Altered Paper Press

Close up of my pretty Zetti Stamps.
Close up of Stamp by Zettiology
Close up of Stamp by Zettiology


Close up of Stamp by Zettiology
Close up of Stamp by Zettiology

Journaling –

Class: English
Assignment: Quote
It was the most profound realization I had about my son’s inner strength, when I read what he picked for his quote. It reflects his own self acceptance.
“You all laughed at me because I’m different.
I laugh at you because you’re all the same.”
Materials: CS, black – unknown, white – unknown, patterned paper – Basic Grey, music sheet; Stamps, Altered Paper Press – Journal Plates and Zettiology; Ink CTMH – Grey Wool.

10 responses to “Zetti Stamps Arrived & Creative Type Prompt #3”

  1. louise says :

    Yes Gril You rocked the challenge and Rules WTG šŸ™‚

    Thanks Louise! I’m glad you came by to take a peak.

  2. jen geigley says :

    love your take on this and I love your quote!

    Thank you!!!

  3. Danyeela says :

    So cool that you partitipated. Otherwise I really wouldnt have seen it and its an amazing, strong LO. Just like Judean said!

    Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to look.

  4. april says :

    awesone layout, love all the little journaling blocks. thanks for playing along!!

    Glad you liked it. thanks for visiting!!

  5. Judean says :

    this is phenomenal! First off, those stamps are to DIE for!! and your magna-doodled background, and your son’s AMAZING quote–you must be a really proud mama! Thanks for playing along (and remember–rules are made to be broken!)!

    I am really proud him. Thank you so much for coming by and taking a peak!!

  6. kent says :

    Ha ha – watch out we will gang up on you!! Glad you linked it. LOVE your son’s eyes – WOW oh WOW are you in trouble when he gets older. Love all the doodling!

    lol! Thanks for the compliments on my son and the page. He already is trouble let me tell you!!

  7. Pam Thorburn says :

    well I’m another that thinks you should link this to the blog-becasue the blog is really about embellishing with journalling (rather than flowers and ribbons etc)-and that’s exactly what you’ve done with the journalling blocks.
    fab LO- and a great boy!

    Thank you Pam! I really appreciate your comments. I did end up adding the link. Well after I figured out where… Thanks again!!

  8. Savitri says :

    No no no, this is perfect! I LOVE it! The picture is awesome and that pattern paper reminds me of this toy I had when I was a kid. I could make all sorts of weird swirlies, red, green, blue.

    Thank you so much!!! From your comment I think you’re talking about the white background paper right? With the swirlies?? if so, it is the that amazing toy!! I love it. I use it
    for my journaling pages and any opportunity I have to doodle something up šŸ™‚ Go get another one and play with the swirls!! It is so much fun! Thanks for coming by and taking a peak!

  9. sandy says :

    oh this is great!! please post a link on the site! there are no rules really, only insp and a hope that you enjoy yourself!!! we’d love to have it up there. (-;


    sandy… you crazy girl? ::wink:: okay if you think it’s alright. I totally thought i botched it up…lol Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment. šŸ™‚

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