World Toy Camera Day

That’s October 18th this year. Are you participating. What is World Toy Camera Day? Well it’s when everyone in the world (who wants to participate) grabs their toy camera and starts clicking away. That means if it’s a toy camera then it’s a film camera. Format doesn’t matter, you can use 35mm, 120, etc… whatever you want you can use.  Now you can go buy some new film or find some old expired film to give it a little artistic flair. All photographs must be taken that day…  That’s the fun of it. That’s why it’s the World Toy Camera Day!

So, here are my Toy’s that I’m considering using:

I have a Holga 120 that I’ve modified to take 35mm.

Holga, photo from
Holga, photo from

Then I have the FishEye which last time I used was at a concert. I think this would be a fun choice. But, mine is the Gold one, it’s a LE from Urban.

Fish Eye, photo grom
Fish Eye, photo grom

Then of course my trusty action sampler. One of my first fun toy cameras I bought. This baby has been with me forever. I’m definitely taken her out for a spin.

Action Sampler, photo from
Action Sampler, photo from

I can’t wait. I missed it last year, cause I wasn’t paying attention. Now I have my eyes set on some toy photo fun!!  Are you going to play too?


One response to “World Toy Camera Day”

  1. milkcan says :

    How fun! I just bought a lomo camera and it looks like I’m right in time for toy camera day!

    Awesome!! Which lomo did you get?!! I’d love to see what you photograph!

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