Art Journal

I have to admit the past several years I haven’t done much of any form of artwork.  This includes the little crafty things like scrapbooking. But, these past few months art has been coming back into my life slowly. Including writing. I am starting to write stories again and work on my art journal. This piece below I sketched out in 2001. And this weekend I colored it in. I outlined the images in markers and colored them in with pencils. I still have a lot of work left to do with the page. But, at least I’m working on it again.



I looked through the journal and found a lot of old sketches of rubber stamps I was going to make. I even found a few sets left of the alphabet set I had produced. I may just sell those. I’m not sure why I would hang on to them. I have a lot of the altered little journal squares. I should probably make some samples of what you could really do with those. Maybe I can do a little challenge and send them off as a RAK. But, I’m sitting here looking at my rubber stamp sketches and wondering if I should start making stamps again.  I think once I close out my invitation business I can focus on rubber stamps again. We shall see.

One response to “Art Journal”

  1. SCRAPWITCH says :

    wow love your art journal piece..go for it a lover of rubber stamps ,and your details are fab ..thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and hugs to you

    Hi Scrapwitch. Thanks for visiting and your comment. 🙂

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