Tarot Cards

I am a tarot deck collector. I have over 28 decks. I know for some collectors this isn’t much, but the past several years I haven’t found too many decks I’ve liked. There’s a huge movement of collage decks. I’ve even participated in two that are posted in the Collab site. But, the thing about those are is that there isn’t a flow to the deck. You have many artists working on the deck all with many different interpretations. You start to lose the initial meaning each card had. The symbolism too tends to change, but not in a manner that’s holds same meaning. You end up with a deck with beautiful little pieces of art and that’s one of the reasons why I like those decks.  One of the more modern collage decks is by Victoria Regina. This deck is beautiful with a flowing theme.

There’s also a big jump with CG cards and digital collage. Of course its a little different. I’m having a hard time connecting with CG drawn cards. The artwork is beautiful, but I find a disconnect with them. The Gilded Tarot is nice deck. Vertigo Tarot is another deck that has a twist of CG collage and artist surrealistic qualities.

But I will always be fond of the hand drawn decks. There is something about them that just resonates with me. Even the most simplistic decks like the Medicine Womanhas something captivating about the art. There’s one deck I’ve been watching the creation of for the last several years. It’s one of the most beautiful decks I’ve seen, Mary El-Tarot.  The Death card is one of my favorites.

Most recently I went back to visit a deck that started while I was a part of an ATC on-line group. The artist is Dana Driscoll. Her tarot deck is the Tarot of Trees. Her artwork is spectacular so it’s not a surprise that her deck is beautiful.  What’s great about the deck is all the beautiful colors and the harmony they share. The artistry in each card is amazing.  The Moon card along with the Magician are two of my favorite cards.

If you collect. What decks do you have?


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