Portfolios, Art Gallery Submissions

Back in 2001 I wrote an article for an online art photography community, called Handcolor.com, focusing on portfolio submissions for gallery reviews. At that time, online artist photo galleries weren’t really a big thing. It was still a requirement to submit a portfolio to the gallery for the curator’s review. And during that time it was also acceptable to leave a CD of your work. But, now times have changed and the internet makes it much easier for us to share our work with galleries. We can easily submit a request for inquiry via email, include a link to your online gallery or even attach images to the email. With this new era, what is the right way to submit your work for review?

I’m going to assume you’ve done the ground work and know which galleries you want to submit to.  What I want to focus on is creating your portfolios.  I think with the different methods of submissions you should probably have several formats you can submit your work.

  • Website with online gallery
  • CD Portfolio
  • Presentation Art Case/Portfolio

Things to remember when creating your portfolio.

  • Choose your best finished art pieces.
  • Make viewing simple, find a flow in the artwork and keep all images the same view (horizontal or vertical)
  • Remove distracting information -> borders, art piece titles, etc.. they want to see your work not your framing and labeling ability. Only use the borders if it enhances the image. If you do use borders, be consistent with them or find a flow so the borders do not become distracting.
  • Group medias together (film b&w, digtal b&w, film color, digital color)

 Follow Gallery guidelines

  • Don’t send a CD portfolio when they are asking for email submission link to your online gallery.

Make sure that no matter what format you use, there should be always some means of contacting you.

Good luck to you and your submissions. May we see your artwork displayed in a gallery one day.



One response to “Portfolios, Art Gallery Submissions”

  1. emily anderson says :

    great tips!
    thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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