For the Love of Type!!

Well, I’ve been checking out the Creative Type and their first prompt. I really dig this little new challenge blog. Granted they have only posted one prompt and they’re just starting; but the whole concept is something that really just jives with me.  In fact I dug it so much I even considered trying out for the DT. It was posted that 8/31 would be the last day for submissions, but it looks like they have a  pretty good team already. So, I think the submissions are closed.  I’m looking forward to the fun.

The challenge is basically to create a concert or movie poster with type being the main focus, representing you. I’m determined to do this challenge.  So, I was looking for a photograph of me… haven’t found one yet. Then I decided to look at some posters and I found something that I think I can incorporate to my own little poster.  I started to think about type and colors, cause of course I want to create a LO that’s more me. I’m thinking a digi LO. Still not sure if it can be done, but you know.. I searched and searched for something that just hit inspiration and I found this.

Altered Tags

Altered Tags

I made this so long ago. I’m sure it’s in a different post somewhere on one of my blogs. But, the tags are layered with different inks to create what I thought were harmonious colors.  They were also layered with different stamps within each ink layer to give depth in the pattern. The M of course is for my name. And 3 and 5 is cause I like the way they looked. They were given away for a RAK… sniff So, sadly they are no longer in my possession, instead they went to a nice home. I do miss them thought… ::sigh::

Okay back to my search for  a photo representative of me..


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2 responses to “For the Love of Type!!”

  1. TracyP says :

    Those tags are so Awesome!!!!!

    Thanks for your comment Tracy!
    – Marjorie

  2. milkcan says :

    Thanks so much for the heads up about The Creative Type! Right up my alley!

    You are so very welcome. And thanks for visiting!!

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