Thinking of You, Or Am I?


Heart Card, made with Majestical Memories heart chipboards
Heart Card, made with Majestical Memories heart chipboards

This morning on KROQ I listened to one of the morning crew’s team member Ralph bitch and complain about sending greeting cards, Christmas cards, etc… with family photographs on them. He basically said that we really aren’t sending these family photo-cards for the receiver, we are really sending them for ourselves. What a dick right?

Well wait, he did make a valid point. If we are sending a greeting to someone, let’s say a Thinking of You card… we wouldn’t include a photo of our family now would we? No of course not. We’re thinking of them and wondering how they are doing. So, when we send a ‘greeting’ such as “Merry Christmas to you” why are we then sending them photos of our family or the family newsletter saying… oh Merry Christmas, and by the way look at me and my family and we did that was so wonderful. 

I started to think more about what Ralph was saying. To send someone a greeting should be about them, not about me and my family. So, I thought about it further. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely guilty of doing this! Yes I do this, I send out Christmas Newsletters. I hear everyone loves getting an update of how the family is doing. Sometimes I even include a photo. But, have you ever received a newsletter or a photo from a family that you didn’t quite know too well? What did you do with the photo? I know I feel bad about throwing the photo away, but I do. Just like the other Christmas cards and newsletters get tossed too. Yes, they get tossed. I’m not saving or scrapbooking all of that.  And do you seriously ever refer back to them after the season? And how personal are these? We all know that these newsletters are created for a wide audience for a mass mailing.  The same goes with the photo-cards. But we not only send these to family members that would care, but also friends and co-workers. Now do they really care?

I remember that I hand picked Christmas cards for people. I had one friend who loved poems, so she got a card with a poem. I had a friend who was a jokester, so she got a funny card. I use to take the time to get a greeting for the person that was receiving the card. That’s what made sending and receiving a card so special.

Why am I ranting and raving about this? Why is this an important topic? Well, for me I’m just noticing that those mass mailings are starting to seem like junk mail. I get 10 – 20 newsletters during Christmas time and honestly, I don’t have the time to read them all. The Christmas season is a crazy time for me. And as much as I’d like to sit there and read about how everyone is doing I don’t have the time. It also got me to think more about what I’m sending out. I’m sure there are those who get my Christmas newsletter and love it, but they might say, “oh here it is again”. But it does go beyond that. If I’m sending out something for you, why am I making it about me?  Then there are these photo-cards with everyone else’s children on them. And they are? If I’m not that close to you, I’m really not going to care that much about how your kids have grown and how they looks so cute holding up letters that say Merry Christmas. You know what I mean, you’ve seen those cards!! Every scrapbooker has seen someone do it or some variation of.

I understand Ralph’s point and I actually want to change how I do things.  I want the greetings that I’m sending out to be genuine, not another mass mailing. When we send out things, shouldn’t they have meaning to them in some form? Or they become another piece of junk mail to someone else. Yes it’s true, your preciously little sweethearts photograph is someone elses trash.  Why spend the extra cash? And if you’re going to send something anyways, send something more meaningful I say.  A handwritten written card that simply says, Merry Christmas and hope your family is doing well is a nice gesture. 

So, it’s my little rant for the day. 


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