Creative Writing Process

I took a business writing class for work. And it was actually a very interesting class. I thought it would be more technical and focus on specific writings like in the old school way of, “Pursuant to your request, the attached referenced article….” But, they give a lot of great ideas. One of the ideas I really liked. After brain storming and organizing. The next step was to sit down and write for 5 – 10 minutes straight. As you write you ignore all the spelling and grammatical errors, just letting the creative process flow. This method is called Free Writing.  I have to admit it was very hard. I have a tendency to correct the errors as I’m going stopping the creative flow. But, even though I did stop at times, I noticed more free flowing thoughts and ideas.

This process can be done on the computer too. When you turn your word program on turn the monitor off or look away. The purpose of this is that you don’t see the red underlined misspelled words and green grammatical errors.

You can use a similar method for journaling on your scrapbook pages.

  • For example the event: Summer at Granny’s.
  • Brainstorm all the things you’d like to write about.
  • Group similar events together.
  • Then place them in the order you’d like to discuss. You can even number each group (topic) – You can place them in the order of how you’d like to discuss or chronologically. Listing it chronologically is a perfect base for creating a themed book. You can plan your pages based on the topic of discussion. You can even incorporate into the Simple Scrapbook method.
  • Then free write for 5-10 minutes.  If you need more time because you’d like to write more. Then break up your writing sessions with 10 – 20 minutes in between sessions.  You can even divide up the groups. For 5 – 10 minutes write about each group.
  • Then take what you’ve wrote and this now becomes the draft.
  • Then rewrite
  • Then correct for your final.

Remember this process doesn’t have to be long. Because journaling doesn’t have to be long either. You can write just a few lines or a paragraph.  The point is the process.

If you try this, please let me know how the process worked for you.


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