Won’t You Say You Love Me Too?

This is a journal page I created for Jarred.  I created the layout in PS7. Printed it out on cardstock and color Barney in with crayons. I then went back and randomly stamped the 3 dot image using grape sherbert and edged the page with kentucky green.

What it says:

I was cleaning out old videos and found your Barney videos. It made me smile to think about you at age 3 singing every word to every song. Then you walked in the door and I felt like a kid caught in the cookie jar giggling.  You realize what you had walked into and the first thing you say is, “Mom, you  better make Matthew watch those videos like you tortured me!”  What? Tortured? I thought back to the Barney days and I remembered rather vividly coming home and you running up greeting me and asking me, “Mommy, can I watch Barney?”  I remember evenings tucking you into bed singing with you, “If all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain that would be.” Did I imagine these most memorable days?  Did I torture you with the happy singing sounds of the purple dinosaur? If I recall correctly the only people I think I tortured were your titas, Yvette and Rosie. Oh yes I remember that clearly. Saying bye as I walked out the door with my last sentence being, ” Jarred can watch Barney tonight before bed.” And their faces went from happy smiles to forced smiles. And now as I color the purple and green dinosaur you sing, “Oh what a rain that would be….” How old are you now?  That’s right, 16.


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One response to “Won’t You Say You Love Me Too?”

  1. Amber Benge says :

    Love your site! Hope on over to check out my scrapbookish picture frames… I’m a rookie scrapper, but I’d like to know what you think!

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