Postcard Challenge at SIS

This is a great little Postcard Challenge.  I love their twist on this idea. Even more creatively inspired!!

This is what I’ve done, it’s kinda my twist. More of a lazy twist, but I like to collect postcards where I go on vacation.  So, before I leave I make sure to bring stamps. I have mine held in a photo album I purchased at the dollar store.  If I remember to be very organized I’ll have mailing labels already made so I can just attach them to the postcards.

When I get to my location I head over to the store and purchase a package of postcards.  Every evening while I’m there, I’ll write down some fun things that happened during day or if there’s anything special I’d like to recall. If I can send one off daily I try. Otherwise I’ll hold on to them for a few days and then send.  Even if I send them all the last day I’m there, I’m still okay. I’d prefer to settle in at home the first day back, then get to those later.  

Initially I wanted to use the postcards for SB pages, but I’ve been lazy. Right now they are in journals or included in the 6×4 photo albums with the vacation photos.


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