An Invitation

The other day I check my email and I realized I had skipped over a few emails from the weeks before.  I subscribe to blogs and articles so at times I’ll hold those in the email until I’m ready to read.  Expecting to see updated information from a blog, I was shocked when I realized, it wasn’t an update.  And it wasn’t an email from someone I subscribe to.  It was an invitation to participate in an art show.  Addressed to me, yes with my name on it.  Inviting me to participate in a show, here in my town, at one of the major museum’s annex.  Wow…. 

So, of course the second guessing sets in and well you know I wonder if it’s a mistake, etc… and sure enough it’s not.  It’s a real invitation.

I have no idea if I’m going to participate as my health will be the deciding factor. But, inside I don’t want to miss this opportunity.  It will give me a chance to network with the other artists and just surround myself with some great creative energy.  It would be my first official show participation?!

Here’s hoping I heal and better soon!!


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