Challenges, Challenges, Challenges

I really enjoy joining blog / art challenges. What’s great about them is really you can do it at your lesiure.  If you don’t have time or if you don’t like the challenge being presented you can skip that week.  No big deal, no harm.

But, they are hard to keep up for me. Most of the challenges are weekly challenges. And I guess in today’s fast paced world weekly is a decent time. After a week participants tend to forget about challenges and such. But for me, who tends to be crazy busy a two week span would really be an ideal time frame.  Seriously, who are these lucky people that have time to work out a challenge within a week? Damn them, I envy you!!  Also, I don’t think I’m finding the right type of challenges. 

So, what’s the deal? Why is this a point of discussion for me? I look at challenges to help get me out of the art block I sometimes find myself in. And today, this week, this month I have felt this terrible artistic constipation. I know sounds really bad, but get the metaphor… You understand.  I’ve been searching sites and looking and looking and I’m not finding much of anything. So, I write… 


One response to “Challenges, Challenges, Challenges”

  1. dawn says :

    I know what you mean exactly. I gave up reading fiction for Lent this year thinking that it would give me the time to study, do art, clean out some of the cobwebs of my life. Instead it seems that I sit around and stare at my art supplies totally uninspired. I too have looked around (alot) at the websites and so far nothing is the right challenge for me. Maybe I just need to go throw paint around and just hope for the best?

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