A New Home for ATC’s

I use to be a part of ATCards.com. Sadly, the site is closing, but happily it’s due to a promotion for Damian, the person who runs the site. Of course, there’s a lot of mix feelings from the members.  The site ran really well and was very organized.  And I loved the accountability they had for their swaps, having iTrader ratings and feedback. It was really helpful and made hosts and participants accountable.  Members on the site are fabulous. Very kind, generous, creative, encouraging and honest. I didn’t see much drama on the board and I loved that about. Being that I use to be a part of an online community as a designer, seeing, hearing and feeling the drama didn’t bring much for a good atmosphere. So, ATCards.com was the best haven I found.

But, whatever the case, it’s time to move on and look at options that are out there.  As I said before, the members were wonderful. And through this, a few strong members have grouped together to create another online community to continue what we had at the other site.  The new site is still under construction. But the new home is called: ATCsforall.

I can’t wait for the site to be up and running!



2 responses to “A New Home for ATC’s”

  1. alteredartist says :

    Hey Sarah, thanks for visiting my site and leaving a msg. You are so right! ATCs for all is definitely the place to be!

  2. Sarah Z (originalyouth) says :

    WOOT! Found this on a random web search.

    ATCs for all! It’s the PLACE TO BE!


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