1st of the 2008 Hive Shows

Last Saturday night was the first 2008 Hive Show.  Michelle, Dyt, Rosie and Casey went with me. It was an adventure just to get there. In fact the later it got the more I wondered whether or not we’d make it there.

But, we did. The show was fabulous.  There was a lot of work on display last night that I really liked. The last several shows I’ve been to I have purchased some form of artwork. I normally purchase a piece when I’m there. But last night I couldn’t decide. I was delightfuly surprised to see that most of the artwork I liked was within my price range. Which made it really hard to make a choice. Most that I liked range in the $100 – $150.  There was only 1 piece at $400 and another I believe above $800 that I wanted. I left empty handed but I left with great inspiration. 

Below are some of my favorite pieces.  (Note: At this time there are no links to the artist, I will link them tomorrow.)  Also sorry about the bad pics. I was only armed with my phone therefore they aren’t the best pics, but they work. 🙂

She was Captured by Tiny Artist: Amy Shawley

Everything Shoes by Craig Skibs Barker

Raven by Sara Hedstrom & Brian Rullman

Escape from LA by Max Grundy

System of Unions by Erick Rodriguez (I can’t find his website. If you know it, please leave it in the comments area.)


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