A Day at the Museum

Yesterday, I decided to spend some quality time with my cousin, Rosie. So, I took the whole day off to go visit different museums in Pasadena. We started at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA).

Right now they are featuring a lot of new modern toy/urban artists. Tim Biskup, Mark NagataDavid Horvath and David Gonzales are some of the artist exhibited.  They wouldn’t let us photograph inside which made me a bit sad. I wanted to bring some images back for my scrapbook of some of the amazing stuff that was shown.

 Then we ventured to the Norton Simon Museum.  They have a great variety of work.  Some of the art is home at Norton and they have a change in exhibit at the bottom floor. Even though I’ve seen the work before, it’s still breath taking every time. Especially, the older painting like the one below. The way the artist captures the lighting is just amazing.


I also love the detail in the images from the baroque piece below.


 All the pieces are oil paintings. The level of detail is extrodinary.

I ended up taking a lot of photographs from Norton Simon. It was really inspiring and actually pushed me to be a little creative. I found myself focusing on framing again, considering the shot and trying understand what I wanted to to try and communicate with my photographs.  I think I’ll be setting aside more time for this creative focus.

Below is my favorite photograph, Goddess.


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