Art Night At The Hive – Recap of Sept 1, 07

It’s been awhile since I’ve been at the Hive Gallery. It was nice little get away for the evening. It wasn’t as crowded as I recall it being. Which was truly a blessing as it was a very hot night. It was during that heat wave a few weeks ago.  But, I found a few favorite pieces from that evening. One I liked so much I even purchased it. I also purchased a print by Melissa Moss.  And I met a very nice talented mixed media artist, Carla Tome.

Images from that evening:

Walt Hall

Artist: Walt Hall  I purchased the piece on the far right. Love it!!!!

Justin Odaffer

Artist: Justin Odaffer  Beautiful work. The piece to the left is my favorite. I would have loved to take it home with me, but it’s a little too big for my teeny tiny home.

Artist: Mike Bilz – what can I say about this piece? Just love it…

Artist: Travis Morley – can’t forget one of my favorite artist!!

Artist: Vladimir Sierra – work was stunning, I think one of my new favorites.


We sat and watched Letting Up Despite Great Faults play their set. Great Indie band. My only complaint, I couldn’t hear the singer(s) sing their songs. But the music sounded beautiful. Then again that might be just how their music is because the cd sounded the same live.

It was a good time…. I think it was a great a night.


One response to “Art Night At The Hive – Recap of Sept 1, 07”

  1. tripping saira says :

    some of the pieces that you’ve features are indeeed very interesting. i’ll drop by now and then to get some updates off of your page!
    see you around!


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